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About The Program

The program aims to support parents in helping their children live up to their full potential by knowing the need and the methods of creating a growth-promoting environment. By default, babies are born Geniuses and the opportunity to allow their Genius to manifest is their birthright. None other than the primary and most influential people in their lives – the parents – can do this through conscious effort and professional guidance.

Highlights of the Program

Two decades of Research summarised into clear actions

It's a packaging of wisdom from hundreds of books & more than a decade of personal practice with the main goal to bring out the best in kids & parents!

It's Practical...not just Theoretical!

You will definitely see the results in your children & you as there are plenty of activities for parents & kids.

11 Intelligences, 3 Age Brackets, 2 Levels

Though the core fundamentals remain the same, the activities we do with the kids depend on their age and development.

Flexibility with Online Sessions

We have live sessions happening on weekends. Working couples can also opt for recorded sessions as per their schedule.

Life-long connections with Like-Minded community

Joining any batch makes you a life-long member of our community of parents to share the tips & all experiences.

What to expect? Nothing less than Surprises!

Most parents experience the results as: "We didn't know kids are capable of this!". The surprise for them is that it's so effortless

Dr. Atul Abhyankar & Dr. Aarti Supekar

The Mentors

Dr. Atul Abhyankar is a passionate homeopath with a dedication to helping his clients heal. Dr. Aarti Supekar is an ayurvedic physician who specializes in healing massages. With an intense need to help children, they discovered their true calling in early childhood parenting. Over the years, they have refined their unique mentorship by supporting parents of small children from the very foundational level. It has been a constant effort to figure out ways of enabling a Genius Baby to live up to his/her true potential through tools, training, understanding parents and their needs related to parenting

Program Structure

Linguistic Intelligence

The ability of human beings to learn and use a language is incredible! In this module, we will understand the ways by which we are equipped to enhance this ability in our children. We will evaluate the importance of languages as a tool to communicate and connect with others, benefits of early exposure to languages for children and the ease and possibilities of learning multiple languages.

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Linguistic Intelligence
Creative and Artistic Intelligence

You will acknowledge exactly how habitually one’s thinking is limited to their comfort zone. To break out of this mundane routine, you will develop a system for your babies to get creative and successfully process the ideas that come to you. Together, we aim to understand how the right side of the brain can be trained to tap into the children’s artistic and creative personalities.

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Creative and Artistic Intelligence
Visual & Spatial Intelligence

The importance of picture reading and the capacity to discriminate objects by identifying their properties helps the child to connect with the living and non-living environment. We guide parents to ensure that this ability of human babies can be put to optimal use. Developing core capacities including mental imagery, spatial reasoning, and active imagination is what you will learn here.

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Visual Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence

You’ll learn the recipe to create shifts in the way you understand emotions. By understanding and smoothly handling the many spontaneous expressions of children such as crying, tantrums, vehement demands, obstinacy and irritability, you as a parent can be in full control of your life, its changes and challenges.

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Emotional Intelligence
Musical Intelligence

Life without music can be so dull. In this module, we will understand the impact of music on human beings at various stages of life, especially human babies and how bringing music into routine life can be wonderfully energizing. There are simple practices that can help us and our babies tune into quality music and thus promote the functioning of the right side of their brain.

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Musical Intelligence
Mathematical Intelligence

In this module, you will know exactly why, how, where and when to introduce mathematics to children. This will help multiply logical thinking, reasoning brain of children and connect them to numbers with their daily lives.

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Mathematical Intelligence
Spiritual Intelligence

The module is your access to experience happiness for no palpable reason. We generally don’t use our five senses for our inner experiential world and you will find out why it is necessary and the solutions for the same. Conscious attention to shape this inner experiential world will help create a strong and solid overall feeling of pride in the person you are, which you will see gets reflected in your children.

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Spiritual Intelligence
Kinesthetic Intelligence

The human body is an amazingly intelligent and harmonious unit, operating at cellular level intelligence with trillions of cells. The focus is on bringing all-round development in all three areas to help the physical development of children.
(a) Mobility from one place to another
(b) Manual use of ten fingers for creative expression and
(c) Balance in a variety of actions.

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Kinesthetic Intelligence
Naturalistic Intelligence

You will learn about the connection humans have to nature as we are a small part of its supreme existence. Naturalist intelligence designates human ability and sensitivity to the vast natural world. You will be guided to see the depth and the extent of its impact on your babies’ lives with the parallel effect of your own re-orientation towards the natural states of everything as part of being natural.

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Naturalistic Intelligence
Intuitive Intelligence

We will help you understand that intuition is not accidental by looking for clues and witnessing this intelligence in action. You will understand the realms of reality and imagination, reason and instinct, material and spiritual dimensions of human existence. This particular intelligence is non-linear and of new importance for success in the changing economy.

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Intuitive Intelligence
Digital Intelligence
Bonus Module

Coming generations are going to grow up with technology all ubiquitous around them. We would explore some aspects of technology that would help us understand how we can help our children be masters rather than slaves of it which is what we are afraid of deep down inside. We would also look at how we can give them a healthy, constructive exposure early on.

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Intuitive Intelligence

Program Schedule

  • Combination of Recorded (18 Core Content Sessions) + Live Q/A (4 Interactive Sessions to address personal queries)
  • Full course with flexibility to view the recordings as per personal schedules
  • Covers all age groups so well suited for parents with two kids in different age brackets
Recorded Content + 4 Live ZOOM Sessions
(Saturdays 9:00 pm - 10:30 PM IST)
GBJP Intensive
(0 - 6 Years)
The Basic and Intro (Interactive Session) 2020.05.02
Linguistic Intelligence 2020.05.09
Emotional Intelligence 2020.05.16
Naturalistic Intelligence 2020.05.23
Musical Intelligence 2020.05.30
Kinesthetic Intelligence 2020.06.06
Live Q&A (Interactive Session) 2020.06.13
Spiritual Intelligence 2020.06.20
Visual & Spatial Intelligence 2020.06.27
Creative & Artistic Intelligence 2020.07.04
Mathematical Intelligence 2020.07.11
Intuitive Intelligence 2020.07.18
Bonus - Digital Intelligence 2020.07.25
Live Q&A (Interactive Session) 2020.08.01
Integration 2020.08.08
Bonus - Age Specific Sessions (0-24, 18-48, 42+ Months) 2020.08.15
Pregnancy 2020.08.22
Live Q&A + Journey Ahead (Interactive Session) 2020.08.29
  • 10 Live Interactive sessions
  • A condensed course focused on basics and age-specific activities (two tracks : 3 months - 3 years & 3 - 6 years)
  • Best for those who can commit to a specific time every other weekend
Alternate SUNDAYs (All Live Zoom Sessions)
9:00 PM - 10:30 PM IST
GBJP Foundations 3 Months - 3 Years GBJP Foundations 3-6 Years
The Basic and Intro 2020.06.14 2020.06.21
Emotional Intelligence 2020.06.28 2020.07.05
Linguistic + Visual-Spatial 2020.07.12 2020.07.19
Kinaesthetic Intelligence 2020.07.26 2020.08.02
Naturalistic + Spiritual 2020.08.09 2020.08.16
Creative & Artistic 2020.08.30 2020.09.06
Mathematical + Musical Intelligence 2020.09.13 2020.09.20
Intuitive Intelligence 2019.09.27 2020.10.04
Digital Intelligence + Integration2019.10.11 2020.10.18
Journey Ahead...... 2019.10.25 2020.11.01

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What our participants say

What our participants say
Bhagyashree, Sumit

We joined the course out of curiosity and ended it with a conviction in the Genius of our kid. The sessions are simple, precise and appealing. The techniques we learnt are very helpful and easily implemented in daily routine.

Ahmadnagar, India
What our participants say
Kavita, Prashant

Through the program, we realized that the child’s formative years are crucial for brain development. We explored multiple skills and how to maximise learning opportunities for children.

Berlin, Germany
What our participants say
Gaurav, Rima

This program taught us how to connect with our baby and gave us the confidence to raise a child on our own without any external support. Our mindset has shifted from considering parenting as a burden to realising the fun in it.

Surat, India


Any parents with children upto 8 years old children would benefit most considering the brain development processes in children. But recommendation is the earlier you start in your parenting journey..i.e. from the planning stage. But parents of older children have also reported being immensely benefited from shift in their own perspectives of looking at their children.
This is a program for parent couples. We highly recommend to attend together for it to be most effective..but if there are any reasons that it is not possible then even one parent attending can make a huge difference to the families.

All the session recordings will be available along with the presentations. Along with that, the following group discussions would cover the topic for you again.

Of course there is also the group community online where you can get your doubts/queries resolved after going through the session recording.

It would be a 90-min long live zoom call. The sessions will serve as door-openers to understanding what needs to happen in the company of a Genius children while they grow around us. But the learnings are not limited to sessions. A lot will happen based on your real-life experiences by practicing the tools, techniques and processes shared. And importantly, from exchanging these experiences with other parents in the program as well.

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