About The Program

As parents most of us struggle with balancing a medley of emotions ranging from joy, awe, and fulfillment to anxiety, confusion, frustration and anger. Children bring us a lot of happiness but mixed with it comes a lot of the negative stuff that we do not have time for. Unfortunately, the practice of pushing those unwanted emotions under the carpet causes those very emotions to become barriers in communication with our children, resulting in a breakdown in the parent-child relationship.
We make parenting more complex than it is meant to be. Parenting at its core is meant to be an intuitive process where parents evolve while raising their children. Parenting is meant to be like meditation, looking inward while journeying outward.
This 5-week short and practical course has been put together after a decade of working with over hundreds of parents and children. We have devised a formula so simple that you will find it effortless to follow through having a profoundly positive impact on your relationship with your child.
Parenting can be simple if we know how to keep it that way!

Who is it for?

This 5 Week Program is meant for every parent who:

  • At some time or the other has lost their cool to an extent that they regretted it afterwards
  • finds themselves directing their anger towards their kids
  • finds their child responding with anger towards them
  • feels that they want more peace and harmony in the family
  • wishes there was a magic wand to make things less stressful at home

About the Mentor

Sunaina Photo

Sunaina Vohra is a Co-Active Coach, Certified Master Life Coach, Master NLP Coach, and Certified Parent Coach and has been working with children and adults since 2010.
Through her consultancy, Athena Life Coaching, Sunaina combines her coaching skills with her experience as a mother to create transformational programs for children, teenagers and parents. Athena Life Coaching’s mission is: Contributing to world peace and harmony by creating it at the atomic level of one family at a time.
Originally from India, Sunaina currently lives in Dubai, UAE with her husband and two children.
Sunaina is a Youth & Parent Coach and helps pre-teens, teens and parents to create positive transformations in themselves, more understanding and open communication in their relationships thereby creating love and harmony in the family.
Sunaina believes that if we can create peace and harmony at the family level, we could eradicate a lot of the unrest and war we see around us. If we could teach our children to be more tolerant, calm, focused, disciplined, to relax more, to have a charitable nature, to receive but also learn how to share and give, we could create young leaders who could take the world into an era of peace, harmony and love.

Program Structure

We will be meeting once a week for 5 weeks for 60 minutes via Zoom. We will set up a dedicated Facebook group where parents can interact and program mentor would come in once a week to answer any additional questions. This program is being delivered online so that you and your partner can participate from the comfort of your home without the added stress of where to leave your kids. We understand parents are busy folks and want to deliver as much value as possible, in a simple easy-to-follow format where we want you to actually incorporate the changes in real time and feel the effects percolate into your family.

Week 1: Origins of Anger

We will focus on the core reasons why anger shows up frequently while you are parenting your child. What are the issues that move you away from being the calm and relaxed parent you want to be but are unable to.

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Week 2: Family Environment

Ways to ensure that the family environment supports the goals you have for your child while keeping you in a relaxed and calm state. Parents whilst having expectations from their child also need to understand how to best support them in fulfilling those.

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Week 3: Understanding our Triggers

Becoming conscious of the buttons your child can press that makes you lose your cool and sky-rocket your anger. Realise how easy it is that once you know what your triggers are you can easily eliminate them.

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Week 4: Mind-body connection

Understanding how anger shows up in your body and what you can do to calm yourself. Anger manifests in a physical form and the sooner you get in touch with the various sensations in your body you will realise how seamless it will become to move from anger to calm.

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Week 5: Replacing Anger with Joy

A sure shot strategy to replace anger and frustration in parenting with joy and gratitude. Every emotion can be replaced with a positive one and anger is no exception, using the magical wand of gratitude.

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Program Schedule

7,500.00Pay and register

7,500.00Pay and register

What Participants Say


Will an online program be the same as an in-person experience?

No it will not be the same as in-person but it will be better. This particular format has been created to make this program accessible to parents across geographical boundaries as we realise that parents struggle with the same issues no matter where they are on the planet. This format has been created especially for busy parents like you who juggle work and home and cannot travel distances adding to more overwhelm. You will feel a sense of belonging to a group of like-minded parents and realise that you are not alone in your parenting journey.

What if I miss a session?

We are lucky to be in an age of technology where even if you miss a live session you will have access to the recordings for the duration of the program.

Would the sessions be interactive?

Yes you will get many opportunities to interact both with the program mentor and also other participants during the LIVE call and also in the Private Facebook Group.

Would we be able to interact in some way after the sessions as well?

Thanks to Facebook we will invite all of you to a private FB group where you can share your learning from the programs, any blocks that you might face and your victories along the way so that we can celebrate together. We hope that you will participate actively and find value in this complimentary service.