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NO. You simply don’t. Just accept it. Reflect.

Don’t agree?

Close your eyes and ask yourself these questions:

Am I being the best parent for my child?

Am I doing enough for my child?

Do the answers in your head bring comfort or discomfort? Here are some more questions:

Am I aware of what I can do right from birth to support my child in being an emotionally healthy person?

Do I know exactly how to nourish cellular level intelligence in my child/ren?

Do I understand that even small babies are absorbing the concepts of maths and a strong foundation can be provided right from birth?

Do I know that every child is capable of starting to read from the age of 6 months?

The truth is that most of us don’t know exactly what we’re doing when we have a child.  All journeys for improvement start with accepting that we can be better than wherever we are.

Answer these simple questions-

Do we question anyone who says I want to get a degree to do a job? Is it considered as something ‘bad’? Education is considered good right? Why is it not wrong to learn from mentors who can provide guidance and wisdom to be successful at our jobs?

Parenting is one of the toughest and most fulfilling jobs in the world — and the one for which you might feel the least prepared : to be responsible for the social, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual upbringing of another human being. Doesn’t that job deserve a bit of training?

Parenting programs are supposed to be educational to prepare us for the role of being parents.  It is simply about getting to know what we don’t so we can be better parents than what we are. 

We have always seen cultural resistance towards parenting programs. People are resistant because “challenging someone’s parenting skills is one of the strongest challenges to their identity”


Attending parenting programs proves only one thing- that you are a great parent for wanting the best for your child and for being willing to go out and learn new skills.

We all know that we live in a different world than the one we grew up in. Our world is changing, and so must parenting. But out of habit, and intrinsic comfort, we tend to cling to our beliefs, the cocoons that we grew up in. There is no need to blindly shun them for the sake of style or ignorance, we parents need “reinforcements” to help bring up our kids such that they are ready for the world they are going to live in.

We hope now you have got an answer to your question- Why do I need a parenting program? Still not?? Go ahead. 

There is a BIG difference between knowing how to be a good parent and BEING a good parent. We all know that meditation, exercise are good for our health but how many of us can manage it with recommended frequencies, unless we keep that as a focus on priority? Even for those we need experts guiding us and coaches to keep us on track. Same is the case with parenting.

Now you will ask- How parenting programs will help?

Parenting programs will give you better insight into your children and leave you with a new perspective on your parenting style so that you can become the best parent you can be. They can give you the much-needed assurance and confidence that you are doing good as parents, that you can make simple changes to bring up incredible kids. Most importantly, good programs will leave you with a positive feeling for the questions that this article started with. 🙂

Don’t you need that?
At Wonderlives, we bring top mentors from around the world to share their expertise and experience with parents. If you are parents who aren’t afraid to ask for help, who are overwhelmed with the excessive information available already, who are already doing their best and yet are willing to improve, who want to support other parents doing the same and embark on a journey that lights up your life, then you are in the right place. It is time to let go of hesitations and open yourself to a wonderful way of parenting. Through structured courses and step-by-step instructions, parents are guided by mentors and supported by a community of like-minded parents to do the unthinkable : to enjoy every minute of the exhausting role of being a parent not only because it was your duty or responsibility but because you choose through mindful decision-making and practise to give your child an ideal learning environment to become the best version of him/herself.