About Wonderlives

We add the wonder into lives

WonderLives was established with the primary goal of supporting parents worldwide through the various stages of parenthood. We are a collective of inspired and experienced humans, eager to guide parents and help them seek the wonder in the art of parenting. We aim to collaborate with everyone aligned to raising the PQ (Parenting Quotient) of humanity. We bring expert content about diverse topics directly from experienced mentors to parents.

Our Mission: To make conscious parenting mainstream! The amazing content on the topic to be easily reachable, understandable and implementable by the masses.

WonderLives is co-founded by Parth Nilawar and Amol Vaidya.

About the Founders

Parth Nilawar

Explorer, Photographer, Technophile, Film Maker, Public Speaker and Conscious Parent

A graduate from IIT Bombay (India) with a Master’s Degree in Design, Parth has worked for a decade and a half in the field of User Experience Design- a sweet intersection of psychology, creativity and technology. His expertise in the creation of user-centric products and processes has stretched into multiple fields such as online games, global telecommunications network, AI-powered products as well as the Singapore Government. But, Parth’s curiosity goes beyond the world of design. He has questioned the discrepancies in our education system which fails to focus on skills which one actually needs in life such as simple budgeting, managing relationships, parenting and personal fitness. He fears that the education system stresses only on professional work, which in turn influences a majority of the population to equate with life. Parth was able to break free from what he considers a sub-par version of life which lacks enjoyment and living. Instead of a typical life checklist – degree, job, house, family, bigger house etc- he has lived in seven countries, travelled to 40+ in the last decade and extensively explored South East Asia. He enjoys hiking, scuba diving and wishes to not only experience life for himself but also help others improve their quality of life.

Parth’s stroke of inspiration peaked when he and his wife, Hricha embarked on their parenting journey with the Genius Babies Joyous Parents program on parenting. The experience changed their lives, their views on parenting and surprised him on the lack of accessibility for every parent to such life-critical information. To address the key issue of the lack of awareness in society about parenting, the idea of WonderLives was born. Parth is currently based in Berlin, is looking forward to continuing his parenting journey by world-schooling his two-year-old daughter, Sarthi and spreading the powerful message of conscious parenting around the globe.

Amol Vaidya

Creative Director, Traveller, Explorer, Sports Aficionado, Cars Enthusiast and Ecstatic Father

Amol is a determined entrepreneur with a flair for stratagem and business development. Currently, he is the Co-founder and CEO of 47Billion: a company focussed on agile processes, motivated by start-up culture and totally dependent on design thinking. He is an HFI-certified Usability Analyst who has played diverse roles such as User Experience, Information and Product Architect, Strategist, Campaign Analyst and Creative Director in his 20 years of industry experience. Along with being a technology enthusiast, Amol is following a path that leads to psychological awareness. This integration and optimization of mental, emotional, spiritual and behavioral abilities of parents led to the foundation of Wonderlives: a leading lifestyle website devoted to the journey of parenting. His idea behind co-founding is to unleash the complete potential of future parents – their mind, body and soul- with the help of continuous learning experiences. Over time, Amol hopes to develop further teachings for people coming from different walks of life through more self-realization and real-life experiences.As a parent of two beautiful grown-up daughters, WonderLives co-founder Amol was a firsthand witness to the extent of possibilities when conscious parenting is within reach. He concludes that the world’s best teachers are not always found in the classroom but also in real life, like the instructors at Wonderlives who are experienced parents coming together to share their knowledge.