Wonderlives offers invaluable opportunities for learning about life-changing parenting. Our programs are designed to overcome fears, clear doubts and build confidence in parents. Allow these effortless and transformative ideas to fill your lives with the wonder of mindfulness.  We invite you to seize this moment and invest in your child’s present and future.


Genius Babies Joyous Parents

Genius Babies Joyous Parents with Dr. Atul and Dr. Arti is a crystallization of five decades of their professional experience with parents along with their own personal life experience with their 11 year old son, Atulya Yatri….

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Conscious Joyous Pregnancy

The program aims to support expecting parents in experiencing a unique pregnancy simultaneously preparing them for the first stages of parenting. By default, babies are born Geniuses and the opportunity for them to allow their Genius to manifest is their birthright…

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Effective Conception

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of information available on the internet? Don’t know where to begin and need direction to help you take that first step towards effectively conceiving? Then this program…

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Soulful Pregnancy

Soulful Pregnancy is a combination of science, rationality, intuition, culture and spirituality. In this program, we explore the miracle of pregnancy, enabling the mother to deliver a little angel…

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Womb to World

Womb to World follows the phase from the end of your pregnancy right up to receiving your little angel. During this stage of the pregnancy, there is a surge in feelings varying from exhaustion and anxiety to excitement and anticipation about the baby. It won’t be long before your baby arrives and we are here to help you form a bridge between knowledge and application, guiding you every deep breath along the way.

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Towards anger free parenting

Toward Anger Free Parenting

As parents most of us struggle with balancing a medley of emotions ranging from joy, awe, and fulfillment to anxiety, confusion, frustration and anger.

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The reconnection project

The ReConnection project

The ReConnection project is one of a kind transformational experience for parents to return to their best selves. It was created to support parents who feel overwhelmed, exhaustion and unfulfilled…

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The Balancing Act

With our dynamic, experiential, and affordable program, The Balancing Act, you will be able to tap into a more abundant and peaceful energy and build a better connection with your child, without having to spend endless time and money on books, therapy, and workshops.

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