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Our mentors are pools of knowledge. At Wonderlives, these incredible humans are united with the common goal of spreading awareness about parenting. They are keen to share their wisdom with the world, guide parents to realise the best of their potential and raise future generations. For all the wonderful things they do, we cherish our mentors and the expertise they possess. WonderLives is on the lookout for other passionate parenting coaches to join our cause.

Dr. Atul Abhyankar & Dr. Aarti Supekar

Dr. Atul Abhyankar is a passionate homeopath with a dedication to helping his clients heal. Dr. Aarti Supekar is an ayurvedic physician who specializes in healing massages. With an intense need to help children, they discovered their true calling in early childhood parenting. Over the years, they have refined their unique mentorship by supporting parents of small children from the very foundational level. It has been a constant effort to figure out ways of enabling a Genius Baby to live up to his/her true potential through tools, training, understanding parents and their needs related to parenting.

Dr. Atul and Dr. Aarti’s lives are a living example of what they believe. In catering to the needs of their child, they withstood the biggest challenge by unschooling him. Their strength lies in the unshakeable trust in the principles they have advocated for parents over all these years.

Since then, it has been a constant effort to figure out ways of enabling a Genius Baby to live up to his/her true potential through tools, training, understanding parents and their needs related to parenting. By default, babies are Geniuses and the opportunity to allow their Genius to manifest is their birthright. None other than the primary and most influential people in their lives – he parents- can do this through conscious effort and professional guidance.

To realize this important intention, “Genius Babies Joyous Parents” took birth as a structured workshop for parents in 2005. This workshop is an eyeopener, a process, and a very thorough platform to support parents who are beginning their parenting journey or are in the early stages of parenthood.

So far, the results have been encouraging, motivating us to reach out to more parents. The number of conscious, joyous and focused parents we have, the more powerful our future generations will be.

Mentor- Dr. Atul Abhyankar & Dr. Aarti Supekar
Mentor- Shrreya Shah

Shrreya Shah

Shrreya Shah started ‘mydvija – reborn as a mother’ with the belief that giving birth to a child is in some way, the rebirth of the mother too. Shrreya is a mother, dietitian, pre and post-natal counsellor, childbirth educator and yoga and pranayama trainer with a postgraduate degree in Fitness Management. Her initial inspiration struck at the age of 14 when she witnessed sonography at a science exhibition for the very first time. Amazed at the ability of a mother’s womb to create, nourish and bring a human baby into this world, she hoped to work in a field with expectant mothers. Shreya’s dream was realised through a LAMAZE Childbirth Education certification course in Mumbai. Since then, through her passion and enthusiasm, she has been working with couples with the primary aim to create awareness and spread knowledge. She advocates that every woman should be in a position to make well-informed decisions with clarity. She hopes to instil confidence and strength in pregnant women, preparing them to handle the journey of childbirth including labour and opt for only necessary medical interventions. Shrreya’s coaching involves games, activities and discussions to create a fun and positive learning environment for couples. Her two daughters have been a source of constant inspiration, motivating her to reach out to more women through her work as the founder of mydvija – reborn as a mother.

Mentor- Shrreya Shah

Sunaina Vohra

Sunaina Vohra is a Co-Active Coach, Certified Master Life Coach, Master NLP Coach, and Certified Parent Coach and has been working with children and adults since 2010.
Through her consultancy, Athena Life Coaching, Sunaina combines her coaching skills with her experience as a mother to create transformational programs for children, teenagers and parents. Athena Life Coaching’s mission is: Contributing to world peace and harmony by creating it at the atomic level of one family at a time.
Originally from India, Sunaina currently lives in Dubai, UAE with her husband and two children.
Sunaina is a Youth & Parent Coach and helps pre-teens, teens and parents to create positive transformations in themselves, more understanding and open communication in their relationships thereby creating love and harmony in the family.
Sunaina believes that if we can create peace and harmony at the family level, we could eradicate a lot of the unrest and war we see around us. If we could teach our children to be more tolerant, calm, focused, disciplined, to relax more, to have a charitable nature, to receive but also learn how to share and give, we could create young leaders who could take the world into an era of peace, harmony and love.

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