About The Program

The program aims to support expecting parents in experiencing a unique pregnancy simultaneously preparing them for the first stages of parenting. By default, babies are born Geniuses and the opportunity for them to allow their Genius to manifest is their birthright. None other than the primary and most influential people in their lives – the parents – can do this through conscious actions and professional guidance. The parents become aware of the stepping stones for the foundation they’d lay for their babies to live up to their full potential by knowing the need and the methods of creating a growth-promoting environment and community support of other conscious joyous parents.

About the Mentors

Mentor- Dr. Atul Abhyankar & Dr. Aarti Supekar

Dr. Atul Abhyankar is a passionate homeopath with a dedication to helping his clients heal. Dr. Aarti Supekar is an ayurvedic physician who specializes in healing massages. With an intense need to help children, they discovered their true calling in early childhood parenting. Over the years, they have refined their unique mentorship by supporting parents of small children from the very foundational level. It has been a constant effort to figure out ways of enabling a Genius Baby to live up to his/her true potential through tools, training, understanding parents and their needs related to parenting. 

Dr. Atul and Dr. Aarti’s lives are a living example of what they believe. In catering to the needs of their child, they withstood the biggest challenge by unschooling him. Their strength lies in the unshakeable trust in the principles they have advocated for parents over all these years.

Since then, it has been a constant effort to figure out ways of enabling a Genius Baby to live up to his/her true potential through tools, training, understanding parents and their needs related to parenting. By default, babies are Geniuses and the opportunity to allow their Genius to manifest is their birthright. None other than the primary and most influential people in their lives – he parents- can do this through conscious effort and professional guidance.

To realize this important intention, “Genius Babies Joyous Parents” took birth as a structured workshop for parents in 2005. This workshop is an eyeopener, a process, and a very thorough platform to support parents who are beginning their parenting journey or are in the early stages of parenthood. 

So far, the results have been encouraging, motivating us to reach out to more parents. The number of conscious, joyous and focused parents we have, the more powerful our future generations will be.

Program Structure

Kinesthetic Intelligence

From one cell to 7-8 pounds weighing a fully functional human body is a miraculous process. The human body is an amazingly intelligent and harmonious unit, operating at cellular level intelligence with trillions of cells. The focus is on bringing all-round development in all three areas to help the physical development of children.

(a) Mobility from one place to another

(b) Manual use of ten fingers for creative expression and

(c) Balance in a variety of actions

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Little Girl Swings on a Rope

Naturalistic Intelligence

You will learn about the connection humans have to nature as we are a small part of its supreme existence.

Becoming conscious about what it means to be natural, you will be guided to see the depth and the extent of its impact on your babies’ lives. Your own re-orientation towards the natural states of everything is a big bonus.

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Intuitive Intelligence

Pregnancy is one of the special phases in the life of a mother and father where the intuitive inner voice is strongest.

As you will know this is a human intelligence of great significance and that intuition is not accidental. By looking for clues and witnessing this, you will understand the realms of reality and imagination, reason and instinct, material and spiritual dimensions of human intelligence.  This understanding will help and guide us to nurture this in our babies as well.

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Spiritual Intelligence

This topic is your access to experientially understand that happiness needs no palpable reason.

We generally don’t use all our five senses for our inner experiential world and you will find out why it is necessary and babies are already there. Conscious attention to shape this inner experiential world will help you create an experience for your baby that falls in line with their basic nature to understand life is a bliss when one is oriented to senses development.

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Musical Intelligence

Rhythm is by default associated with baby’s life since conception. We will understand the impact of music and its effects on overall brain development in human babies.
Simple practices that help us and our babies tune up to quality music and thus helping their right brain function.
You will realize that using music as stimulation will be energizing to life.

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Linguistic Intelligence

Did you know that all humans are capable of starting to read at 6 months of age?
It’s magical how a new born baby, without any formal language training, starts speaking a language in a couple of years just from what they heard from their surrounding environment! The ability of human beings to learn and use a language is incredible and It is highest until 10 months of baby’s age. The beginning of multiple language learning starts much before we can imagine.

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Mathematical Intelligence

Mathematics is part of human life from the womb. Yes you read it correctly. You will know that when fundamentally you understand it correctly and rightly introduce this human intelligence of high market value becomes a more subtle and vast experience for your baby. And an effortless experience for you to impart this to your little one.

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Mathematical Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

Crying babies invoke  certain emotions in us. It is crucial to watch for our response to babies crying. You’ll learn the recipe to create shifts in the way you understand emotions and the way they get expressed. We address fathers’ and mothers’ emotions specifically apart from those of the child. By understanding and smoothly handling the many spontaneous expressions of children such as crying and irritability you as a parent would be in charge of life.  

The same principles would help you respond to children’s some other expressions such as tantrums, vehement demands, obstinacy, fears, anger, sadness when they grow up.

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Small Baby Reading Montessori Book

Visual & Spatial Intelligence

We all are born with a photographic memory! It just needs right nurturing. The importance of picture reading has unsurpassed importance in babies becoming aware about their world day by day with the help of their unique learning mechanism and retaining capacity.
As a stage prior to babies being able to audio-visually discriminate objects in immediate surroundings, it’s important to provide gentle audio visual stimulation to help develop the sensory connections. We have many simple gentle activities with profound effects as babies grow up at phenomenal rates.

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Creative and Artistic Intelligence

Right from conception the very presence of the baby is a CREATIVE process unfolding.
By being conscious and aware about being a homogeneous part of this creative process we understand how to lay a foundation for helping babies retain in essence this potential in them. You will understand exactly how habitually one’s thinking is limited to one’s comfort zone.

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Baby Girl Playing with Colors
Baby Girl Playing with Colors

Digital Intelligence

Bonus Module

Our children are growing in a technology ubiquitous world far different than our own. They’d need a completely different set of skills to be masters rather than slaves of the technology surrounding them.

Program Schedule

Conscious Joyous Pregnancy Schedule

18,250.00Pay and register

18,250.00Pay and register

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What Participants Say


Who should join?

Couples in pregnancy or planning stage. Couples who are in planning stage are also encouraged as the vast majority of content is actually relevant for them and will give them a strong chance of a positive start right from conception. Only a few activities would become relevant later.

Is it ok for only one of the parents to join?

This is a program for parent couples. We highly recommend to attend together for it to be most effective..but if there are any reasons that it is not possible then even one parent attending can make a huge difference to the families.

What if we have some plans for one or two slots of the schedule but could attend the rest?

All the session recordings will be available along with the presentations. Along with that, the following group discussions would cover the topic for you again.
Of course there is also the group community online where you can get your doubts/queries resolved after going through the session recording.

What is the nature of these sessions?

It would be a 90-min long live zoom call. The sessions will serve as door-openers to understanding what needs to happen in the company of a Genius children while they grow around us. But the learnings are not limited to sessions. A lot will happen based on your real-life experiences by practicing the tools, techniques and processes shared. And importantly, from exchanging these experiences with other parents in the program as well.