About The Program

Soulful Pregnancy is a combination of science, rationality, intuition, culture and spirituality. In this program, we explore the miracle of pregnancy, enabling the mother to deliver a little angel. It is all about being in a good state physically, emotionally and spiritually for your growing baby. To do this, we support parents in creating tranquil surroundings through music, positive thoughts, healthy eating habits, yoga, meditation, creativity and communication with your unborn child. Simply, a soulful pregnancy. 

Are you surprised looking at a few kids who are born with abundantly gifted qualities? The program helps in shifting your perspective of the gifted qualities as an output of a conscious approach towards pregnancy by both parents. We explore, in this regard, essential ideas and their application to daily practice in various modules of the program. The focus is on supporting the expecting mother and family to make well-informed decisions, gain clarity from one’s doctor to prevent any unnecessary medical interventions and involve the father throughout the pregnancy. The journey to become a wonderful parent begins by being a couple who is actively involved in bringing that child into this world. The cornerstone of Soulful Pregnancy is a deep understanding of child development, proper diet and the concept of womb-connect. 

This program for expecting couples has been running for more than 12 years now, helping thousands of parents connect with their child and enjoy peaceful parenting. It’s heart-warming to see all these little angels growing up into nurtured and talented children with impressive grasping powers. But more importantly, to hear couples at the end of the program say, “We are ready to be parents!”

What is Womb-connect?

It is about deepening the powerful connection between the parents and the unborn child in the womb. It helps the parents nurture the mind of the fetus right from conception. Traditionally, in ancient Indian scriptures and the study of Ayurveda, it is believed that a child’s mental and behavioural development begins at conception and is influenced by the mother’s state of mind. Moreover, the sound of a mother’s heartbeat is the first and closest rhythm the fetus gets used to. In our interactive sessions, we aim to strengthen this bond through peaceful meditation and chanting, allowing the vibrations and sounds to reach the fetus.

About the Mentors

Mentor- Shrreya Shah

Shrreya Shah started ‘mydvija – reborn as a mother’ with the belief that giving birth to a child is in some way, the rebirth of the mother too. Shrreya is a mother, dietitian, pre and post-natal counsellor, childbirth educator and yoga and pranayama trainer with a postgraduate degree in Fitness Management. Her initial inspiration struck at the age of 14 when she witnessed sonography at a science exhibition for the very first time. Amazed at the ability of a mother’s womb to create, nourish and bring a human baby into this world, she hoped to work in a field with expectant mothers. Shreya’s dream was realised through a LAMAZE Childbirth Education certification course in Mumbai. Since then, through her passion and enthusiasm, she has been working with couples with the primary aim to create awareness and spread knowledge. She advocates that every woman should be in a position to make well-informed decisions with clarity. She hopes to instil confidence and strength in pregnant women, preparing them to handle the journey of childbirth including labour and opt for only necessary medical interventions. Shrreya’s coaching involves games, activities and discussions to create a fun and positive learning environment for couples. Her two daughters have been a source of constant inspiration, motivating her to reach out to more women through her work as the founder of mydvija – reborn as a mother.

Program Structure

The program has 4 modules each focused on one of the core aspects. 


Physiological aspects of child development & baby growth in the womb

The changes a mother’s body goes through during pregnancy

Antenatal exercises for hormonal balance and toning of muscles involved in pregnancy

Optional: Vedic chanting and meditation

Image with Text Body
Image with Text Mind


A powerful technique for positive energy and peace

Debunking food myths and planning an ideal diet schedule for various stages of pregnancy

Acupressure & Massage techniques

Spiritual connection with the baby

Optional: Vedic chanting and meditation

Image with Text Mind


Art therapy and activity that will help both the parents connect with the baby in the womb

Understanding how parents are co-authors in the child’s destiny right from pregnancy

Exploring and working with both tangibles and intangibles of the baby

Visioning: Attracting the qualities of legends into your little angel

Image with Text Soul
Image with Text Connection


Role of a parent in imparting values of self-confidence and  self-esteem

Techniques for building a deeper connection with the baby in the mother’s womb

Understanding how ‘Better Manufacturing Lesser Maintenance’ also applies to human babies

Multiple techniques to smoothen out the parenting journey as a team

Doing things for the lifelong benefit of your child

Image with Text Connection

Program Schedule

6,250.00Pay and register

6,250.00Pay and register

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What Participants Say


Who should join Soulful Pregnancy?

This program is for those expecting couples who wish to give birth to a healthy and intelligent child. Couples should be willing to learn and work towards their role as parents during the nine months of pregnancy.

Why should a couple join Soulful Pregnancy?

We believe that a pregnancy must be lead by choice and not by chance. This requires careful planning and preparation under the guidance of experienced mentors.

Is it ok if only one parent attends?

We recommend the attendance and involvement of both parents. But if it’s not possible, one willing parent can actively take part while the partner can passively support.

How are the sessions conducted?

Sessions are live zoom calls with the mentor. Links are shared in advance with all details via email for everyone to join.

What happens if we miss any of the sessions or part of it?

The sessions will be recorded and they will be shared with all parents via emails along with links for other material such as videos and notes which are shared in the sessions.