About The Program

Womb to World follows the phase from the end of your pregnancy right up to receiving your little angel. During this stage of the pregnancy, there is a surge in feelings varying from exhaustion and anxiety to excitement and anticipation about the baby. It won’t be long before your baby arrives and we are here to help you form a bridge between knowledge and application, guiding you every deep breath along the way. 

Remember, two births are not the same. Not only our babies but our bodies are also different. This means, there are several approaches to childbirth, breastfeeding, baby care and post-delivery care. Some things could work for you and some may not. The task is to understand what suits you and your baby the best. It sounds simple yet this can be very daunting.

Every expecting couple receives a lot of advice and suggestions from others, irrespective of whether one wants it or not. Consider it part and parcel of pregnancy. You must have also heard stories about birth: some of which are motivating and happy but others can be scary and horrifying episodes. No one wants to relive those. Now, ask yourself, which story would you like to have for your own?

We are here to help you be the parent who will have an incredibly positive story to narrate about the memorable journey of bringing your baby from womb to the world.

About the Mentors

Mentor- Shrreya Shah

Shrreya Shah started ‘mydvija – reborn as a mother’ with the belief that giving birth to a child is in some way, the rebirth of the mother too. Shrreya is a mother, dietitian, pre and post-natal counsellor, childbirth educator and yoga and pranayama trainer with a postgraduate degree in Fitness Management. Her initial inspiration struck at the age of 14 when she witnessed sonography at a science exhibition for the very first time. Amazed at the ability of a mother’s womb to create, nourish and bring a human baby into this world, she hoped to work in a field with expectant mothers. Shreya’s dream was realised through a LAMAZE Childbirth Education certification course in Mumbai. Since then, through her passion and enthusiasm, she has been working with couples with the primary aim to create awareness and spread knowledge. She advocates that every woman should be in a position to make well-informed decisions with clarity. She hopes to instil confidence and strength in pregnant women, preparing them to handle the journey of childbirth including labour and opt for only necessary medical interventions. Shrreya’s coaching involves games, activities and discussions to create a fun and positive learning environment for couples. Her two daughters have been a source of constant inspiration, motivating her to reach out to more women through her work as the founder of mydvija – reborn as a mother.

Program Structure

The program has 3 modules each focused on one of the key stages of the process. 

Birthing Process

Understanding & Managing Labour

Labour Cardio Pranayama

Father’s Role in pregnancy & child birth

Types of Deliveries

Debunking general myths

Day to day concerns and their non-medical remedies


Understanding the food pyramid

Nutrition pre & post birth.


Breast Care


Baby’s Communications

Backpack for Hospital

Postnatal Care

Postnatal Fitness

Handling Postpartum Emotions


Baby care + Teamwork 

Day to day concerns

Debunking general myths

Fun with the newborn

Program Schedule

6,250.00Pay and register

6,250.00Pay and register

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What Participants Say


Who should do this?

Expecting couples who wish to be confident as well equipped with right tools in hand & mind to handle this final sprint.

Can any partner attend it along?

We prefer it must be attended by both as it helps a strong support system to be built around. Still if not possible it to be attended by one partner will help her to feel empowered.

Which month of pregnancy we should aim at doing it?

Anytime after 5th month of pregnancy can be ideal time to do this program. This program prepares your body, muscles and breathing to get ready. So all exercises started at right time will help more

Is this program helpful for me if I am a second time mother?

Yes! This is the second pregnancy but this child is the first time in the womb. It can be one of the opportunities to share quality time with baby in womb and yes update on few aspects of this journey